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WHO WROTE THE BIBLE? A PowerPoint with audio designed for individual study or a group discussion.


Nearly all disagreements among Christians (and with those with only one foot, or neither, in the door), come down to how to approach the Bible. Is it the word(s) of God forever or does it belong in its time and place and we have discovered new truths since, including new 'spiritual' truths? How was it written? Maybe that was then and this is now! If you've never thought about these questions, it would be well worth doing so. 


The gospel writers, for example, should be rescued from their usual role as mere reporters. They, (or the unknown editors who formed their fragmentary sources into what we have today), were creative artists, weaving a story from the past into a new living reality for their readers. I have to say, 'Mark says' or 'John says' not 'Jesus says' because it's the 'gospel according to' him. It's a Jesus for his time and place. The gospels as we know them weren't written until after Paul's letters, not before, by people who weren't there, hundreds of miles away from where Jesus lived and in a language he didn't speak. We have no 'originals' or primary sources written down at the time, and no real evidence of their existence, just theories. 


That's just one example of the rethinking we have to do if we are to rescue the Bible from irrelevant archaic obscurity. Does it matter? I think so because so much is sometimes claimed that has no factual basis. Let's at least be honest about what we do know, and what we don't. And then think about how we should use the Bible today. Not taking it all 'literally' may actually make it more relevant, not less.


My participation in a meeting by Zoom is currently available on request. Be brave. Think about it.


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The FREE STUDY NOTES  above give you all you need to facilitate a study day/weekend or a series of group meetings, alongside reading this classic book from 1963. together. It is still easily available second hand.  CONTACT ME if you'd like me to share in the discussion with you, either in person or by email or Zoom!




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'WALKING WITHOUT GOD'. This is where it all re-started for me in 2011. I hadn't had much to do with Church or Christianity for over 10 years. But a change in my personal circumstances, and moving to within sight of my local Cathedral, gave me space to sit down and write what I now wanted to say. These reflections on the Psalms, the most evidently human part of the Bible, gave me the opportunity to explore what a 'humanist spirituality' within the Judao/Christian tradition might look like.
The book is no longer available but you are welcome to download the PDF above and let me know what you think, bearing in mind that this was where the current journey began, not necessarily where it has reached since then. (I've changed my football team too!)


I have now retired from my school attendance training role.


This website now reflects only my other interest: Can Christianity and its central figure mean anything to those who are not convinced that conventional ideas of 'God' and religion take us where we need to go as modern, thoughtful human beings?


On this page you'll find details of how to purchase my book 'The Apostate's Creed'. PLUS a link to a page that explains why I am not 'a Christian' and another which sums up my approach to the Way of Jesus. Is there another way to engage with the Jesus story that doesn't have to take it all literally? Can it still make sense in a different way today? Book reviews suggests some reading ideas which I've found helpful.


In Study Resources you'll find a PowerPoint (with audio) on 'Who wrote the Bible'? PLUS discussion notes on the classic book from the 1960s, ''Honest to God' which still raises so many key questions that have never been answered. And my own reflections on the Psalms from 2011: 'Walking without God'. These are all free.


Friendly Feedback is always very welcome. Please let me know if you have found my ideas interesting and helpful.


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